keeping an eye on your six

We interrupt your regularly scheduled TxInc saga for an interjection from the current job with BAC.

CYA is a popular term in the real world, and prudently put, it stands for covering your assets. Keeping an eye on your six means approximately the same thing, and apparently stems from fighter-pilots, who tend to think of space as the hands of a clock. When facing north, north is 12, south is 6, east is 3 and west is 9.

Well, it hasn’t been too much of a secret around here that the games are afoot. The first instance of something I edited was passed to a secondary individual who reported my failure to catch a period to my supervisor. We’ll call her Iowa for her habit of pointing out that she went to the UofIowa’s writing center workshops. (Note that she didn’t actually get into Iowa’s creative writing program, which is one of the most prestigious in the US, but that she attended their workshops, which I imagine anyone with the money to spend can attend.)

Anyway, Iowa has a habit of stopping by the open door of another co-worker and complaining about how she wants to be the department editor. (After the 700+ page document I’m working on, I’m not prepared to fight her for it. If 700 pages of improper capitalization and random punctuation is your idea of a good time, knock yourself out.) Iowa wants my job. Never mind that she has a job already. Apparently copying and pasting engineering documents into a manual isn’t what she wants out of life, and who can blame her?

Yeah, I’ve fallen into a tangent and I can’t get out. Moving on.

So I’m keeping an eye on my six. I sent the sweetest little note to my supervisor with the first 200 pages of the document and all of my changes (in track changes) attached. “Here is what I’m doing, here’s what I’m checking for, this is how long it is taking me. I’m sure there are some outlying periods and capitals that I’m missing, but I’m trying to do the best I can while balancing efficiency and efficacy.?

CYA, also known as beating the bitch to the punch. Can’t someone just pay me to blog or something?

keeping an eye on your six

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