pmbok barbie

Greta is a focused, ambitious woman. She redefines Blond Ambition. Seriously. She’s been doing client/account management for a while, and she decided that what she really wanted out of life was a project management certificate. TxInc agreed to pay for it, as she was using the PMBOK standards to guide the client management team and to create documented processes. (She cried when the CEO of TxInc told her they would pay for the training and test. It was that serious.) Late in 2004 (I think) she got hold of her copy of the PMBOK – the standards bible for project management.

Seriously, the PMBOK went with her everywhere. When she left work, it went with her and was placed on the leather back seat of her BMW. When she came in, it went on her desk, to the right and next to the animal crackers.

Worse, every meeting would see at least one reference to the PMBOK, and most meetings saw more.

You remember Barbie’s feet, how they were carved into a stiletto-induced arch? And the pink shoes that came with her? Greta owned the people-version of the shoes. Greta has the figure of Marilyn Monroe and an affinity for the clothing of that era – feminine shapes, pretty fabrics and lots of bows. But her shoes are pure Barbie.

She got dubbed PMBOK Barbie on the Friday that she came into the office wearing cropped jeans with pink piping, a sheer pink top over a white comical and a pair of pink shoes – at least a three inch heel – with bows on them.

pmbok barbie

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