sme? who me?

Tink should enjoy this one…

So I get into work this morning, minding my own business. I sit down at my desk, open my training file, fire off a quick e-mail to my sister and proceed to do what it is that I do: procrastinate.

The sister calls and while we are comparing medical horror stories (she wins with 13 blood draws, one for every hour of a 13 hour food and water fast), my supervisor pops his head in my door and asks me to stop by his office. I cut my conversation short and dash over to his office to find out what is going on.

Note, I live in absolute terror of my manager, because I’m sure he’s going to figure out that this highly technical bullet composition just isn’t for me.

Well, what’s going on is that he’d like to see a plan for my revision of our department’s style guide, and he wants me to be working more closely with Iowa on the project. Now, as I recall, I was handed the style guide with no deadline, no partners on the project and the simple instruction to bring it up to date. It was only later that I figured out that this is not just our local style guide, it is the style guide that tells Quality Assurance how to judge documents that it receives, and is used by the entire business division. Nice.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Iowa has been back in the supervisor’s office, snarking about how I’m somehow unqualified to write the style guide and I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing because she hasn’t yet been consulted.

Have I mentioned that I loathe Iowa, simply because I’M TOO OLD FOR THIS KIND OF GAME PLAYING, and she’s got me beat by at least 15 years?

Yeah. So then I get a phone call from the Business Development (BD) team, and he’s got this training that he’d like me to review. It will only take an hour of my time, but he’d like me to serve as a subject matter expert (SME) on their proposal writing training. Okay, for those of you who don’t know already, I’m an expert on exactly and totally nothing. BUT, because I refuse to get indigestion for the next year while working with backstabbing, duplicitous colleagues, I agree.

“Sure, I’d be happy to help in any way that I can.?

It’s only after I get off the phone that I realize the full implications of this. I’ve just agreed to be a SME, on something that I have experience in, but the kind of experience you get when you are making it up as you go.


sme? who me?

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