sme panic, redux

An update on the SME story, though there may or may not be more to tell tomorrow.

What the man with the funny personal quirks really wanted was for me to evaluate the training as an overall package, not to tell him about proposal writing or anything like that. Based on the fact that I worked for a firm that provided federal training (like that’s what you really want to compare your training modules to), he wanted me to look at what they had and tell him how it was.

I looked it over, and this is what I told him (in short-hand):

Less text on the overburdened power-point slides.
More clarification on the graphics
More student interaction

And then I told him that, if it were my training to perform, I’d revamp the whole thing. A little bold? Probably. They could do the training as a mock exercise, allow the students to do everything and walk away with lessons learned and a better return on investment.

We’ll see what dude with the tics does with that.

Making it up as I go, people.

sme panic, redux

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