doubled readership

Tink’s been eating with the General and has told him he ought to check in on the saga. Hi General. Just ignore the parts where I talk about what a hottie you are, for a Republican.

Now, back to the story. I just spoke with Greta, who is still employed at TxInc (though perhaps not for long.) Rooster has been fired. Not fired. Released. Because TxInc is trying to transition from an 8-A company into a regular sort of company and that’s never an easy transition. Most companies expect that they will lose money in the process, because the government contracts that they used to qualify for are no longer available.

This requires a little history. Slimy Pants ran off to start a new company with at least a million in investment from the head of TxInc. I think he should be known from here on out as Sultan, as he bore a striking resemblance to Jasmine’s father in the Disney movie Aladdin. So anyway, Sultan hands SP a million and a quarter to start a new company, which would take over the 8A contracts. Off goes SP, much to everyone’s relief.

And in comes the General. Yay for us. Well, for about six months. My belief about what happened next is this: The general was given reassurances from the sales group that certain sales would be complete at certain times. He made his financial projections based on that information. The sales never came though, he looked like an ass because the numbers didn’t match the projections. He got fired because the numbers were off and all anyone could talk about for months (and, come to think of it, a full year) after the fact was how terrible he’d been. Archie was particularly awful about it all. You’d think a grown man could get over blaming other people for shit, but not Archie. Every time he came up to the VA office from Texas, he’d want to sit down and malign the General, as if the loyalty we’d developed through experience with the man could be whittled down by some hatchet-faced hack.

Not that I’m still bitter about it or anything.

Anyway, Rooster became the defacto leader of the office, in the absence of any viable leadership from TxInc. Well, it was more Tink that provided the backbone. But then they released Tink. So it was Rooster; he was the only one left. They hired a Ken-doll to run the office after Tink left, but the Ken-doll was never there. Dorey should have been able to hold us together, but the best she could come up with was “well, you can either get on board or leave if you aren’t comfortable with the state of affairs.”

And now, Rooster has been released. They aren’t making their numbers, not in Virginia and not in Texas. Because of course, every company loses money in a transition like this, but not TxInc. Because Sultan is very sure that he can continue growing the business at 40% a year. Someone has to be responsible. It might as well be Rooster. Now we simply need for Greta to find another job and they will be rid of just about everyone who had any loyalty to the General.


doubled readership

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