to plan b or not to plan b

Some weeks or days ago (the days stretch very long indeed) I decided that I would not put any money towards getting educated for a Plan B. Here come the excuses: It’s all well and good for someone who has made a series of choices starting from college that puts Plan A at the forefront and doesn’t allow for a Plan B. That’s not my situation. I’ve got a husband (of my own volition, of course.) I’ve got a family – hubby, dog, house. I can’t move to Hollywood in pursuit of fame and fortune, not at this point. Honestly, I’m not even that sad about it. I can write, and I am. But Plan B remains a necessity.

I am really just not in love with the Plan B that I have. How, then, to change Plan B given my swearing off of further education? All I can change is location. I’m limited to a certain range of duties and employers. Major change, which is what I’m after, requires further education.

Not anytime soon, mind, but perhaps counseling? Transition counseling for the boomer crowd? Guidance Counseling for high-school students trying to pick a college or a career? I might feel more useful, less bored and like my schedule better that way, no?

to plan b or not to plan b

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