occupational hazard

Apparently evil middle aged women are right up there with high electrical voltages and falling objects. I “led? a meeting this afternoon to discuss the style guide that I’ve been working on for our department. I was in charge for the first 15 minutes, my favorite co-worker took over the next forty five. She used them well, basically using them to point out every last one of my oversights in the document. I thought that the meeting was bad enough, then I got the marked up copy of the document back.

I’d like to point out that there is a way to approach editing. Bitchy is generally not recommended, not if you want a working relationship. You point out the stuff that needs to be changed and refrain from commenting on it, particularly when you have snarky comments. You simply let it go. It isn’t personal; it’s a product that you have no copyright over, reflects none of your person, shows no deep dark secret. It is a product.

Apparently not. No wonder this place gives me indigestion, just three months in.

occupational hazard

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