tag. you’re it.

Tink hit me with her wand and magically, I am compelled to write up 20 random facts about myself. Consider me tagged.

1.) I have a tattoo. A friend of a friend, who reads Japanese, tells me that it doesn’t actually say what it was supposed to say. Luckily, it doesn’t say anything else either. It would suck to have something like “owner of foul armpits” branded permanently in your back.
2.) I hate mushrooms. Anything grown in the dark on horse-shit isn’t fit for human consumption.
3.) My father cured me of wearing short skirts by driving me through notorious hooker territory. I had lots of questions about why those women were dressed that way, and miraculously, I never had the urge to wear a teeny skirt again. I was 12.
4.) I remember dreams I had when I was three, but not much else from my childhood.
5.) I’m a big grudge carrier. I’m not so into revenge, but there are a number of people that I will be very happy never to see again.
6.) I fantasize about what will happen when those people that I carry a grudge against walk into a bookstore and see that I am a wildly successful author. I imagine that they will spend the rest of their lives paranoid that I am going to write about them and the reasons for my grudge. They have good reason to be paranoid.
7.) I was the biggest girly girl growing up. I am completely the opposite now.
8.) I am a sucker for crappy TV. MTV, America’s Next Top Model… The more mindless, the better as far as I am concerned. The only exception is Veronica Mars.
9.) I can’t visit http://www.grouphug.us. It is a black hole from which I have incredible difficulty escaping.
10.) I miss sculpting.
11.) I miss college. Given the opportunity to do it all again, I’d stay in school through the Doctorate level and go right into academia.
12.) I still love the boy I fell for in college.
13.) I’m very grateful I’m not married to him.
14.) There are several books that I will read over and over again, probably until I’m 98 and can’t see anymore. They include: anything by Peter S. Beagle, Beauty, Tam Lin and Thomas the Rhymer.
15.) A parkade is Canadian for parking garage. Asking the difference and getting the answer comprise some of my favorite memories.
16.) If I could move to Glasgow tomorrow, I would.
17.) If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t buy a mansion, but I would spend the rest of my life as a drifter, taking pictures and writing.
18.) I have hated every job I’ve had since I worked for my father’s company.
19.) I have enough fabric in my house to sustain DKNY for an entire design season.
20.) In an alternate universe, I’m living in Kenya right now.

So now, who is it? Well, I know very few people who blog. Actually, I just know very few people. I suppose I will have to call out Jussy at http://www.kochansky.org and Holly at http://www.livejournal.com/users/westlund_lang/. 20 random facts, girls.

tag. you’re it.

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