Dorey got her nickname from the blue fish in Finding Nemo. Yes, Disney was a theme in the office. Tink was really the official name-giver, though I do have to take responsibility for PMBOK Barbie. Tink swore Dorey had a hard time keeping anything in her head for any length of time, although I do have to admit that I was going along with the flow on that one, rather than having oodles of confirmation and experience of my own to base it on.

Two things to know about Dorey. Well, maybe more than two…

Let’s start with the fact that, as of this writing, she is the single longest-lived employee of TxInc in this division. As of today, Greta has resigned. Mr. Banks has the second longest tenure there, but Dorey’s done 4 or more years, most of them with SP and Sultan breathing down her neck. That alone indicates both a special breed of patience and foolishness. If nothing else, the evidence all supports the conclusion that TxInc isn’t a nice place to spend 8 hours of any given day. That she’s been there that long (and no rumors that she is looking elsewhere) is not something that I understand. I suppose you could chalk it up to loyalty, which is commendable when it is properly returned. I’m not sure that Sultan is half as loyal (because Sultan IS TxInc, no matter how you consider it) as Dorey is to TxInc.

Next important thing to know about Dorey: She is one of the most diplomatic people ever. Indeed, she might even be classified as one of the most naturally gentle people on the face of the earth. A bit like my favorite great aunt and the best person ever, Margie. Good karma is the upside. The downside is being too nice, many times to everyone but yourself.

I kind of think that, if you want to know what people are like under all of the politeness, get them drunk. Dorey drunk is just more polite and generally sweeter all the way around. (Tink, on the other hand, gets more belligerent, but endearing belligerent and I’m very fond of Tink drunk.) Dorey’s partner is a hottie and practically perfect in every way, although living with someone who is that fit would turn me into an instant anorexic, just to keep up.

Dorey is the proud owner of two Pugs, who are the cutest little terrors ever – at least from the pictures. The little boy gets into everything, and Dorey’s description of the little guy when he suffered from a bladder infection has to count as one of the top five funniest moments ever.

And the prized phrase from Dorey: “Cool it.” Now, while I had the reputation of being the outrageous one in the office, I actually got the famous “cool it” the least often of anyone. And I tried hard for it too. Add that to the list of things that I’m bitter about. Gretta’s footwear of choice got a “cool it.” Tink’s fretting over job security got a “cool it.” Me, not so much. Very disappointing.

Aside from the cool it thing, Dorey was quite inscrutable. I imagine this was left over from the days with SP where everything could and would be used against you at some point. She had to have some sort of a mechanism to play the game with. She couldn’t have been as complacent as she seemed. She is too smart. Where just about everyone else in the office handed me rope that could have been used to hang them, Dorey gave nothing away. Nothing.

I really hope that I can put into practice many of the things I saw when watching Dorey. I wonder how well I’m doing at that… Probably not so much, but a girl has to strive for something.

I had a housewarming party back in April, when Tink was still employed at TxInc, before the working relationship with Rooster was in the crapper. I liked having Dorey and her partner in my house. I’m kind of picky about who I let in my front door, and am even pickier about who I’d invite back. Not that I have much occasion for guests, but I’d invite her. I’m not sure she’d come, but I’d have her back in a heartbeat.


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