Having called out my former coworkers for their foibles that were endearing, it only seems fair to point out the flaws that would have been most visible at TxInc.:

I’m petty. But about odd things. For instance, you generally get one chance to lose my respect and loyalty. Getting it back thereafter is practically impossible. I won’t stop being polite, but I won’t trust you. And I won’t like working with you. It’s a naive trait and assumes that the things that happen in an office can be taken personally. But I work personally. I like most people, and my motivation is making life easier for the people that I like and am loyal to.

Rooster, for instance. His circle thing when he took over management of the client managers pissed me off and I stopped trusting him thereafter. Don’t push me for something and then smack me down for giving you what you asked for. Lying to me about Tink was the last straw.

I want to know what to expect, and in a way that makes me generally nosey and pushy.

I avoid people in power in so far as I can. If I can’t see them, then they can’t see me. Yes, this is about like a kid hiding under the covers from a perceived monster.

I’m motivated by loyalty. But it’s hard to win my loyalty. For instance, I was loyal to my client because I had ownership and I bought into what they needed to accomplish and why. I was never loyal to TxInc. I was loyal to Tink, but not to Rooster. This might be because Tink respected in me what I respect in myself (clearly, not my height) whereas Rooster thought I needed patting on my head.

I refuse perceived busywork. I refused it when I was in the second grade, and I’m not any better at it now.

I’m smart, but probably not as smart as I think I am.

And to round out the list: I dress funny, I’m too sensitive and I’m a little too old to have no idea what I want out of life.

On the upside, I didn’t stab anyone at TxInc in the back, I only play hardball when forced into a corner and it’s not really difficult to figure out where you stand with me.


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