hell hath no fury

Like that of a woman who has been eviscerated by e-mail. And not just any e-mail, an e-mail where the bitch who buried the knife in my back happened to hit ‘reply to all’ on. So not only did she just rip me a new one, she did it – in essence – in front of my department, in front of people who are not in my department… basically in front of the whole world. Okay. So maybe that’s an exaggeration. ALMOST the whole world.

I’m furious. Speechless furious. Must breathe deep furious. Shaking furious. Dry mouth, speechless and shaking furious. Fucking bitch.

So someone tell me something to make me feel better. Like her bitchiness won’t go unnoticed by the scads of people who read the e-mail. Like the whole world won’t decide I’m incompetent based on one nasty e-mail from a petty small minded bitch who likes to parade the fact that she did workshops at the famed University of Iowa. Like it will bite her in the ass far worse than it will bite me?

Anything. Please?

hell hath no fury

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