a little late in the game

So perhaps I might have caught on earlier that complete strangers might be reading this and would, occasionally, feel sympathetic. This blogging thing is kind of cool in that way. To the random strangers who stopped by and expressed their condolences, thanks. She’s still a psycho, but at least someone out there agrees with me.

And on to bigger and better things. Oh, wait. I don’t have bigger and better things. But I do have the last functional computer left without USB ports. This would be my work computer – I’m not trying to function on something that archaic at home. Ignore the fact that they handle multimillion dollar contracts at work, the really important stuff happens here. At my desk. With my shoulders bunched up around my ears.

My week at work is going to be taken up in evaluating a capture management course. Of course, what I am really doing is soaking up business development wisdom from BAC, which I intend to put to good use elsewhere. This evaluation is for the same group that I acted as the “SME” on training for a few weeks back. Well, more like months now. This time, I’m looking at how they execute the course. It took from 8:30 this morning until 11:10 for them to get around to asking a question that engaged audience participation. Two hours and forty minutes of lecture with no outreach to the audience. And this from business development people. You’d think that BD people would see everything as a sale, and would practice the same skills that they should be putting in front of our customers to use when in front of an audience: Focus, draw the audience in to the solution, concentrate on the audience’s needs, provide a clear map of where you are going and what you hope to accomplish along the way and anything that doesn’t further your goals, eliminate. You are working to convince. Anything that doesn’t contribute, detracts and should be eliminated.

I’ll call it three days worth of networking and/or time to scribble in my notebook, theoretically adding to my NaNoWriMo project (google it). I’m hopelessly behind, but with 8 hours a day of these folks boring me to death, I might actually get somewhere.

a little late in the game

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