Mr. Banks

I have to say that, though there is plenty to say about Mr. Banks, I just can’t work up enough enthusiasm to actually do so. That kind of covers Mr. Banks, actually.

He’s Republican. Republicanism could be forgiven in the General, but Mr. Banks struck me as a poorly-considered conservative. Alternately, a conservative that was conservative simply because voting Republican protected his massive McMansion in the Virginia Suburbs of Washington D.C. and never called into question his SUV. Also, I think he liked the standard issue Republican haircut. And the standard issue Republican suit. Anyway, I don’t think he’d spent much time considering what the Republican agenda would mean for his daughters in 20 years, but I can assure you he’s never read A Handmaiden’s Tale.

Mr. Banks was the golden son of Sultan, and beloved of TxInc corporate. He went for close to a year, if not longer, and never made a sale. It was his projections that sank the General. He got a hefty raise regardless.

But then he had the appropriate equipment, which was more important at TxInc than actual productivity.

Mr. Banks

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