TXInc. Cast

SP – Creepy former VP with pink lips and a habit of smoothing his black moustache with both hands, using the thumb and the forefinger. Also: wears bobby-pins in his beard.
Sultan – Owner of TxInc Arrogant creep.
Archie – CEO of TxInc. Good ole boy. The best General Sultan’s money could buy. Misogynistic creep.
Dorey – Loyal to TxInc beyond reason.
Mr. Banks – Named for the hair-cut, mostly. Always no more than an inch long, and only occasionally dyed, for when his wife wanted to have one last family picture with a husband sans grey hair.
Harley – peripheral figure. Was at TxInc for forever. Was “released? as part of the attempt to ditch overhead figures.
Rodeo – My first TxInc manager. Fired.
Minions 1 & 2 – part of the client management team brought on after I left.
Cali – Office Manager, and fabulous lady.
Marathon – VP of BS, who likes to run. Don’t know too much about her, except that she dressed really awfully and presented herself poorly.
Gin Blossom – Part of the sales team. Had a really red nose. Huge guy.
Rooster – Self-designated grandfather to the group
IPod – part of the Client Management team hired prematurely and then let go because there wasn’t enough money to support her and her floppy flower.
the General – My favorite swanky exec ever.
Greta – PMBOK Barbie. Departed for greener pastures in SoCal.
Stifler – originally part of the sales team, promoted to VP and fired, all in under 8 weeks
Ken-Doll – came on board to guide the group in late spring of 2005. Departed of his own volition in early fall of 2005.
Tink – Smartest girl at TxInc. Fired for being the smartest girl at TxInc
Me – snarky slacker. I think that’s been well established.
RichDad – Smart coworker, Subject Matter Expert in our area, and a would-be real-estate tycoon.
EB – EyeBrow, and he had the weirdest eye brows ever. Also, just weird. Was hired on a rush, didn’t actually accomplish anything and was fired when they discovered that his resume was full of shit.
ChinaDoll – beauitful lady.  Now married to a man of dubious quality. 
Seoul – Graphic Designer.  Deeply shy.


November of 2003, my department of TxInc in VA’s Employees:

Mr. Banks

November of 2005, my department of TxInc in Va’s Employees:

Minion 1
Minion 2
Mr. Banks
Gin Blossom

The Employees of my department of TxInc in VA between the two Novembers:

the General

Notice that only Dorey and Mr. Banks are still in place.

TXInc. Cast

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