what started it all

On the days that I worked at the client site there was a wee man who was also a contractor, except that he worked for BAC and I worked for TxInc. The wee man connected me to a BAC recruiter and the rest is history. Well, sort of.

So I come to the interview. I’m wearing a power suit. I look like I have my shit together. The girl that comes to get me into the building is wearing jeans. I have on heels. So I sit down with the man who is now my manager and start the interview. He basically tells me straight up that he doesn’t think I can do the job that they need done. Then I get into the interview with the lady who is supposed to be my team lead. I like her a lot.

The recruiter lets me know that they are offering the position to someone else, but that the someone else might not take it. They don’t, the job is offered to me and I accept, then have to sit through an agonizing two weeks while my pee test goes to confirm that I am indeed drug free.

Long story short, I just saw the wee man in the hallway. Normally he is on site with the client, but not today. So I told him to say hello to my old friends and that’s about it.

Meanwhile, my secret plan to regain focus isn’t working just yet. Blame it on the very odd night of sleep I had last night, where I obsessed over the name of the brother of some dude who went to school with me when I was 13. Bruce. I had to ask my sister, though.

Instead, I’ve been wondering what I really should be doing, since bits and bytes is clearly not my thing. I was looking on BAC’s job page and found a position that I know a little about in California, and one in Colorado Springs. Of course, finding a job that I could do in another state means that I must immediately check in with realtor.com to see what kind of house we could afford there. Unfortunately, it would appear as if Colorado Springs offers the home of my dreams: http://www.realtor.com/Prop/1042223498. Complete, as you might note, with apple and pear trees.

Hubby says no.

The reasons hubby says no are very reasonable. They go like this:

Hubby does not want to have to start over with his credits in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Living here means that Hubby can work for Dad. Working for dad is good for hubby and good for dad.

The reasons Entropy says yes are not so reasonable. They go like this:

I’m ready to leave the DC metro area far behind.
I’m bored.
The house is to die for.
The house is cheaper than the townhouse we currently own.
I want to.

what started it all

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