chutzpah much?

I amaze myself.  My big mouth has no limits, no bounds and no sense of self preservation.    

So I woke up this morning with a big idea for BAC.  I got to work and started looking for evidence that my big ideas had already been implemented.  Not only were my efforts futile, I discovered that there is a dearth of information about the larger BAC: we are stove-piped in the worst way possible, making cross-organizational transfer of lessons learned virtually non-existent.  Or, if it is happening, it is in spite of the organization, not because the organization fosters this sort of thing.  Don’t they know that the most flexible, responsive and productive organizations embrace a degree of chaos and have information flying back and forth (securely, of course) over tools like IM.  Guess not. 

So I dug and dug and then dug some more.  Finally I discovered a minuscule website of the pertinent office at HQ.  No org chart for that office, mind…  So I got into the “contact us? page and there, lo and behold, the officers and admin assistants.

I started with a quick question e-mailed to the admin assistant.  She responded back enthusiastically.  So I did it.  I laid out all of the things I thought ought to be happening from the corporate office: a comprehensive plan, leadership development programs, elevating the function in question to one of our competitive differentiators, making the program more accessible and understandable to employees, diversifying the employees in this function and I’m sure I said more.  A little bold, you think?

She wrote back.  “Let’s have lunch next week.?  An exchange of further e-mails and I am due at corporate at 12:30 next Tuesday.  I thanked her and told her I was looking forward to Tuesday.  She said she’s looking forward to it as well. 

And now I obsess. 

I talked to Tink last night and she said that she’s given up on her worrying about that which is beyond her control.  Apparently the universe insists on balance, because I’ve picked up where she left off.

chutzpah much?

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