big sigh

so i talked my niece and nephew into going to the internet cafe.  slooooow connection. should actually leave before the ladies at home start worrying about the helpless american and the kids. i have officially regressed to about three years old.

still on french keyboard.

so everything is lovely; or was until i found out that the very person everyone was hoping would not become our manager is now officially our manager. me? officially looking to move like just about everyone else i know in our group. how can management be so blind? and now i get to worry about it until i get home and can find somewhere to move to within BAC or until i hear from my old contacts in the gub’ment.

anyway, all is well. i haven’t picked up any gi bugs for which i am grateful, and that is about it. i’ll post some good descriptive stuff with the hubby’s computer, hopefully tomorrow.

big sigh

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