you’d think

Well, here is the thing. Working while you are waiting for an axe to fall and the next terrible thing to happen is actually a really crappy way to spend 8 hours a day. What we know is that the new manager, the hr guy and her manager have been in a meeting, so at least part of the cat is out of the bag. So now everyone is walking around with lots of knowledge about what is going on, but no one acknowledges that anyone knows anything. Is actually quite stressful.

There should be something else. But nothing.

Going to Jersey this weekend. And watching CSI while trying to avoid seeing too much of the whole bone saw scalple shit. Sounds too much like sheep being butchered, actually.

Morocco seems a very long way away. Hubby says that he misses Morocco. I miss sitting in his mother’s living room, writing. I miss sleeping.

But I am enjoying having a glass of wine when I feel like it.

you’d think

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