blast: as in from past

I talked to ‘the cheeze’ tonight. This all started because I want to find a set of chairs that used to belong to my family before my mother gave them away to ‘the cheeze’s’ father. These are chairs that were in my family when I was born. My theory is that I can find them and have them restored to their original glory for Father’s Day, which will trump the gift of my sister’s from last year. (the kingston trio, don’t ask)

Now, of course, it seems unlikely, because the cheeze doesn’t remember the chairs, nor does his father. But I’ve sent pictures of the chair and heard updates on most of the people I rembember from high school and have turned down an invitation for our 10 year anniversary (has it really been that long? should I go?) and told him that the bff is married (but not any more info) and relived my most humiliating of high school experiences.

And I might even have lunch. If that isn’t a 180, I don’t know what is.

Oh: and got to page 40 of the screenplay today.

blast: as in from past

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