About that migraine

I’m convinced that BAC has got the worlds worst indoor air quality (IAQ). Frequently, in an attempt to save money on heating and air conditioning, facility managers will just close down the air vents that bring in outside air. It’s cheaper to change the tempature of inside air (it’s practically the same temperature anyway) than it is to either heat or cool outside air. So they stop bringing in outside air. Seems smart enough until you think about all of those people who breathe out Carbon Dioxide, a chemical component of air that your body can’t live off of. We need Oxygen, and lots of it. So: Lots of CO2 and very little O2 = Oxygen deprevation.

The result of which is brain damage.

Or, from http://asumag.com/mag/university_prescribing_cure/

“Unhealthy atmosphere–many people experiencing ongoing subtle illness or discomfort. The most common symptoms involve the dehydration of sensitive tissue, including sore eyes, throat or nasal membranes; a feeling of lethargy; a higher incidence of upper-respiratory infection; asthmatic reactions; low-grade headaches; and a continuum of muscle pain and general discomfort among building occupants. Much of this relates to oxygen deprivation typically caused by oxygen being displaced by other compounds, and occasionally by infestation of microbes as a result of excessive moisture remaining within the property.”

Except my low-grade headaches are turning into migraines more and more often.

About that migraine

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