Bella Della

Well, she’ll be beautiful eventually. For the moment she looks like she was peiced together out of spare parts. She’s in her crate at the moment, crying and fighting confinement.

She is in her crate because her favorite trick is to go out for ten minutes of lawn-wander, pee once, then come back in and crap on the floor. She’s a kennel dog, apparently. She preferrs to “eliminate” on hard surfaces. On the upside, when she craps on the floor, she doesn’t go on the carpet. (although she has a whirling dervish trick where she shits and spins at the same time. the results of that can be haphazard. But she never starts on the carpet.) On the downside, when she craps outside, she craps on the sidewalk.

I took her out for a 10 minute lawn-wander. She didn’t crap. Hence the crate. She is unlikely to crap in there and as I have been struck down with a migraine (more on that in a minute) the husband is on late-night dog walking duty. Which means I don’t want her crap on my floor inbetween now and when he will be walking her.

So the things that we know about Della:

She is good at the vets.
She is smart and is already picking up “sit” and “no.” It has been 30 hours or so.
She likes a bath.
She runs like a cartoon animal.

We took her to the vets this afternoon to test for lime’s disease and heartworm (no and no). After which the hubby wanted baby crates for the limited area that she’s allowed in the hallway into the kitchen. So he dropped us at the dog park for twenty while he went to Target. She runs like a cartoon, and frequently wipes out for no reason other than her adolecent brain hasn’t caught up with the length of her legs. Very funny.

She met up with a dog named Lucy, owned by a hispanic dude that sounded remarkably like Ricky. She and Lucy made like a WWE smackdown with an undeclared winner.

But if she keeps up that racket, I might have to kill her. Did I mention the migraine?

Bella Della

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