Right. So I take the dogs to the dog park. Della and Lily run for TWO WHOLE HOURS. Della craps twice, I think I’m doing pretty good. Every crap that happens outside instead of inside is good news as far as I’m concerned. They run and fight and play. We finally come home, we aren’t inside for TEN MINUTES and Della stands by the front door and pees. I could have choked her. I shout “no” and she stops, I take her outside and she looks at me like “okay, we just did this outside thing, what now?”

Meanwhile, dog park story. So I get to the dog park and there is a Huskey, a Dogo Argentino, and a Weimeraner-looking dog. I’ve got Lily the Shiba Inu and Della the Springer Spaniel.

The Dogo is a big hunting dog, developed in Agentinia. They are a favorite of dog fighters because they have the same tenacity and stamina that you get in a Pit Bull. I’m sure it helps that the Dogo is all white, so the blood shows up nicely. The guy that is handling this dog is smoking in a posted non-smoking zone and has no control over the dog. The dog is humping random dogs while the owner hollers at him. The dog is not neutered.

From http://www.dopadogs.com/d_aggression.html

> Which dogs bite the most?
Male dogs (8 out of 10)
Unneutered male dogs (6 out of 10)
Neutered male dogs (2 out of 10)

So, we have big-ass muscular dog, not neutered with an owner who does not have the dog well trained. Already, another owner has had an altracation with the Dogo owner because of the Dogo’s reputation (as a breed) for agression. They had words then seperated, both staying at opposite ends of the dog park. I waltz in with Lily and Della. Lily is a big defender of her dignity. Being humped by another dog is a major insult to her dignity and she reacts with teeth barred and snarling. Dogo comes to hump Lily, Lily snarls and reacts badly.

Knowing that Lily will not back down from a fight, I pick up Lily because I don’t want all of this to escalate. The Dogo jumps on me now and tries to hump me. The owner tries to tell me that if I just leave Lily to sort it out with the Dogo, all will be fine, but I’m not about to wait until Lily bites the Dogo and the Dogo bites back.

Finally, the owner takes the Dogo out, grumbling about how I’m ignorant for assuming his dog is aggressive and how his dog doesn’t bite etc. Meanwhile, two men have been sitting on one of the benches, talking to the dog owner. They don’t leave when the owner leaves. And the owner doesn’t go very far. A car pulls up and stops to talk to the owner. He stands there for fifteen minutes, leaning into the car. The two men start a conversation with the other dude at the park, saying that if the dog is bad then the owner must be bad too.

Eventually, he (the guy with the big dog) stands and whistles. The two random dudes stand up and walk out like this is all very normal. Me? I’m not thinking it is so normal.


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