gave Della a sterilized bone filled with peanunt butter. In her crate. Bone against plastic is noisey.

Didn’t write anything tonight, though I did retouch a picture of my sister from the mid seventies. Also: watched March of the Penguins. Well, listened more. Retouching won for the visuals.

Tipsey. Sat and scratched Della’s belly for a while. Lily is becoming more of a dog just to compete. All of a sudden she’s interested in us.

And the bitch peed on my foot. Except neutered, she isn’t a bitch anymore, she’s just a dog. Nevertheless, she peed on my foot. It was all about the excitement over going outside. She reserved the bulk of it for the out-of-doors, but the dribbles, she deposited on my foot.

Not that I’m bitter. Not that I’m rethinking that bone. Of course, when I close my eyes the world spins, so that can’t be all bad. Sleep it is, then. Coldplay (currently playing on itunes) can wait.


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