I am looking for a job. My usual channels aren’t producing results at the speed that I’d like. I keep hearing that it’s clear that I’m bright, but if it is so freaking obvious that I have two brain cells to rub together, why won’t someone say “we have a place for someone like you”?

A list of my skills:

I take engineer-speak and make it understandable to normal people.
I write technical articles that get published.
I’m a good editor.
I help other people write more clearly.
I know how to be tactful when doing all of the above.
I know how to organize documents to convince.
I don’t have a whole lot of ego when it comes to work, so I’m unlikely to think that a task is “beneath” me.
I’m really loyal to companies that allow me to be productive and successful.

And my bad qualities:

I cease to function when bored and/or underutilized.
I don’t do busy work.
I don’t really care about the inner workings of most things – the concepts I can work with, but me writing a technical manual all about software architecture? Not interested. At all.
You can’t buy my loyalty with a paycheck. If you aren’t using me, I’ll be back to looking for a job as fast as circumstances allow.

My credentials:
Soon to have a MA in Writing from Lancaster University
BA in History
Security Clearance

My Preferences:
Working Remotely–I can’t relocate right now
No pigeonholes.
Full time has its advantages, but I can handle part-time too, if it is by contract through The Gallus Group. (

So: if someone wants a very useful, fairly bright smart-ass working to make them look good, comment. I’ll send you a proper resume.


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