Saturday Night’s Alright

so there I was, laying in bed, indulging in reading a pointless book rather than doing any of the things I am *supposed* to be doing. My window is open, husband working, dogs asleep.

From the newly moved-in neighbors, yelling. But oddly with little passion in it. he’s accusing her of sleeping with another man. She’s denying it. He is saying she did something “without permission.” I’m trying to figure out if I should call the police. Things calm down, then they rile up again. I listen for the sound of someone being smacked: for sure if I hear someone being hit, I’ll call the police.

And then the sounds. Initially, like someone who is in pain, but then not like someone who is in pain… someone who is moaning. And the dude is making noises too – not speaking, not articulate, just groans. I’m listening to my neighbors have sex, which does not turn me on, doesn’t creep me out in particular, just seems like a thing to add to my Saturday night.

And as I consider it all, it seems more and more like their argument sounds like an old ritual that they are bored with but keep going through the motions of anyway.

Saturday Night’s Alright

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