A Post for Teenie

I feel like I owe her one. Here is why I haven't posted:

Della the dog ate three pounds of dog food which required a trip to the vet and induced vomiting.

I've dicovered that one of my credit cards is now charging me 30% interest. Note to self (and everyone else) stay away from Washington Mutual, which used to be providian. This has sent me into spazms of epic proportions, mostly about how I'm going to make more money so I can cut up the damn credit card.

Lily the other dog has had two ticks. I washed her tonight and if I can find the tick repellant, will douse her with it before I go to bed.

My manager at BAC only gets worse.

No one will hire me and I've been looking seriously since January. I've had three interviews total.

My work in getting The Gallus Group off the ground is almost kind of paying off. http://www.gallus.wordpress.com.

I'm not getting divorced. This comes as something of a relief.

My mother is moving to Michigan.

My Masters Thesis is taking up all of my time.

I missed the deadline for the screenwriting competition run by the Academy – the same people who hand out Oscar. Next year, then.

I've given away all of my spring/summer clothes that either don't fit or don't flatter. This means I have about a week's worth of professional clothes and pretty much no casual clothes for summer. This sucks, because I really want to be putting all extra dollars on the cc (see note above) but how can I earn more money if I look like a slob? People think these things matter.

I hate my job. I always hate my job. I haven't had a job I liked since I was working for my father. I have, however, almost figured out what exactly I want to be doing – which is what I've got kind of sort of started with the Gallus Group. My efforts in that direction – working on helping other people write – got some attention tonight. I contacted a business incubator, the adult education people in MD, offered to volunteer in the local school district and a local leisure world. The business incubator for seminars on business writing, the adult education for helping the retired community write down their personal histories for their family. Now, if I could only make these things pay…

And that's it. I'm tired, I'm going to bed.

But before I go, congrats on your sale, Teenie. You are my entreprenurial hero. 🙂 And I'm still waiting on that call that says I'm taking a plane trip across the country to interview in Palo Alto. You'll be the first to know.

A Post for Teenie

3 thoughts on “A Post for Teenie

  1. Hi. You don’t know me, but I stumbled on your blog. 🙂

    Ironically enough, credit card companies are now allowed to up you to 30%+ /even/ if you haven’t done anything wrong. A friend married, which caused her to gain more debt as a ‘family’, and that’s the only thing that changed: She went from 9.99% to 29.99%. Its a rediculous situation and something that the new bankruptcy laws are facilitating.

    — Philippe


  2. Thanks for the comment… I hadn’t realized that they could up you to 30% with no warning. 😦 Note to self, I really must cut the bastards up.


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