Taco Hell

Why is it that Target makes better bean burritos than the stand-alone Taco Bell? I am contemplating this in my house with no lights on because I am home for a brief respite before I go back to BAC. In theory, this is all for Hella Della. In practice, I am almost confident I can close out the week without a nervous breakdown, but only because I am here, and it is quiet. And because I only have to go back and finish up 1.5 hours worth of being there.

Target’s burritos have more cheese, more onions and more sauce. These things matter.

And since I’m on random thoughts:

Hydrogen Peroxide can be used to induce vomiting in dogs. Look it up from someone who knows what they are talking about first, for dosages and contraindications and what not. The only thing I feel safe in saying is that the dog will not actually throw up until you have begun to wonder if it is actually working. Which means that you will go back inside, letting the dog in with you, look it up on the internet and then come back downstairs to two huge piles of puke. On the carpet.

I think I have reached the end of the internet and run out of things that interest me. No matter which site you find, you can nearly guarentee that it will be about one of the following: self-important self absorption (yes, I know this applies to me), sex, selling something, politics, violence, food and God. (Also, I know: what else is there, really?) If you wanted to get right down to it, the bulk of the internet is about selling or documenting misery and/or discontent. CNN: Selling bad news. Gossip Blogs: documenting misery. So it is other people’s misery and that makes it fun, but still. Liberal Politics: There is a crisis, things have never been worse. Conservative Politics: There is a (gay marriage) crisis, things have never been worse. I have more ambition than I have time for (too bad none of it fits neatly with BAC…) which means I have more discontent and self-flagellation than any one person needs. Why would I go to the internet to find out how other people are making their lives work and they did it all by 22 and if I’d only been as (smart, pretty, determined, focused) I could have done it too.

There is a whole weekend looming in front of me and if I’m smart, I’ll spend it finishing my business plan (anyone interested in supplying some venture capital? The numbers look surprisingly good.) But what if I just want to lay on the floor and sleep with the dog? It really has come to that.

Taco Hell

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