Bringing Home the Bacon

And eating it for supper. This might be why we haven’t seen the 10 lb weight loss… but no, I didn’t actually eat that much (turkey) bacon. Too salty, actually.

‘Tis my first night home alone since last Wednesday night. Guests and family, but that’s done now and who knows when I’ll have evening company again. The thing is, my quiet house isn’t that bad. It is still kind of a mess and I’m lacking in the will to make it pretty again… But it is peaceful, maybe in a way it hasn’t been before. I can listen to what I want, I can hear the crickets outside, there isn’t the television barking its particular form of madness into my ear, and as of right now, there is no one watching me or expecting anything from me or asking for anything or… well, nothing. And I’m ok with that.

Bringing Home the Bacon

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