Enough of That

Yeah. Okay, so I’ve had my full dose of the pleasures of being home alone. I believe the discovery of the evening is that I might like being married. That won’t necessairly mean that I will end up staying married to the husband: he doesn’t seem to be thinking about coming back. And perhaps it isn’t even married, it is just long-term stable relationship that I like. But this coming home to an empty house with no imperative at all for the evening is a little harsh.

In amusing news for the evening, JK sent me a single-girl care package: condoms and a dirty catalogue. Everyone needs a friend like JK…

And with that, I think I shall attempt to movie myself to sleep, though not on my new television, for which I do not yet have a DVD player, and which doesn’t seem to be working off of the normal channels.

Enough of That

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