On the obvious question…

Who indeed?  Lovely Kate.  My fabulous sisters and an impressive (qualitatively, if not necessarily quantitatively) list of people that make me smile. I was rudely interrupted yesterday by the approach of a supervisor-like person.  I would have said more about making my own proposal, which is a theoretical effort that centers around corporate-type communications and the idea that I might try and drag our agency kicking and screaming into some modern version of communication with its workforce and customer base.  I am also, in theory, supposed to be filling out a job application for another corporate communications type gig, but I find myself relatively reluctant to abandon my current company and boss, who (surprisingly enough) makes it onto the above list of people that give a fuck. 

Anyway, I’m babysitting tonight, which is a good occupation for keeping myself out of trouble.  And then I’ll probably make up for the sleep I didn’t get last night, wake up on Saturday AM and wonder what the hell to do with myself.  It always seems to go that way, somehow.

Weekends still suck.  But I’ll put the suckage off until tomorrow, thank you very much.

On the obvious question…

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