upside down cake

Just not as sweet.

Let’s just start with a warning: you can go ahead and file this under cryptic now.

Everything has flipped.  I’m in negative world where everything is very small, very clear and exactly the opposite of what it would be in positive world.  What an opportunity to watch what people do instead of what they say.   What a head trip to have the veil of my own assumptions yanked.  How embarrassing to have to admit that this all came from a simple prayer that asked for exactly this even though I had no idea what was going to come as a result.

How hurtful I have been.  Unintentionally hurtful, but hurtful. 

I spent at least an hour today sitting at my desk, staring into space.  Blank.  Completely blank.  One realization.  One memory and everything changes.  And it is amazing, like watching a car accident in slow motion.  Like when you cut yourself deep and the skin peels back and you can see connective tissue, just before the blood rushes in.  Or maybe not like that.  Maybe like watching the laws of physics suspend themselves and rearrange, then fall back together. 

I run the risk of getting punched in the head.  I’m not sure I care.  Watch what people do.  Keep watching: this is going to tell you everything.

upside down cake

2 thoughts on “upside down cake

  1. Ghost says:

    ppl have a lot in their mind, love, sadness, disappointment. Not everyone can think clearly. Some of us know what they are doing, most of us just bullshit their way through. Pride is a big problem when it’s used with the loved one, because you need to be naked with them, sincere with them, at the end of the day they are who you going to turn to. What people do could be to cover their pain, or a dark fear, or something as silly as a misunderstanding. Follow your instincts they will tell you exactly what people want. If you want to just watch them, don’t watch only the obvious because it’s never the truth.


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