DIY Divorce

I don’t want it.  But I can’t spend another year waiting for the phone to ring.  The time has come to accept that the phone will not ring.  Not today.  Not tonight.  Not tomorrow.  So what’s a girl to do?  Face up to reality and move on.  Wallowing in it isn’t doing me any damn good anyway.

So you want to DIY your divorce?  I’m not sure that I can tell you how from top to bottom, but I’ll outline what I’m figuring out here. 

For your deed to your house.  If you are the one keeping it and the mortgage is in your name alone, then you will just need MD form 017-77.  Good luck finding it.

You will also need a Complaint for Absolute Divorce. 

 Start looking for your forms here: although the site appears to be down at the moment.  😦 

Oh well.  Another day.  It isn’t like I’m excited about all of this and really want to go forward anway.

DIY Divorce

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