It probably isn’t about you.

Expansion: People’s nasty behavior tells you about them, not about you.  People aren’t nice to you because you are special, they are nice to you because that is who they are.  Don’t let someone else’s treatment of you define you: it defines them.  Similarly, don’t let someone else define your behavior.  Be who you are.  If you are a liar, then lie, but don’t tell yourself you are lying because of the other person.  If you have integrity, don’t make that integrity dependant on who the people are around you or the situation you are in. 


2 thoughts on “#5

  1. This is brilliant. I have such an over-personalization of other people’s behaviour and it can make life miserable. Internal turmoil abounds. Thank you for the elixir to said turmoil. 🙂


  2. It is amazing how difficult it is to get over the hurdle of taking stuff personally… It’s also amazing how much easier things get when you stop believing that the things other people do are about you. The only thing I can control is how far under my skin I allow other people’s behavior to get. As long as I manage that, everything else feels so much easier to manage. Of course, the upkeep for this philosophy is a full time job… :/


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