Shallow City Review: St. Louis

The arch is both beautiful and pointless.  Somewhat reminiscent of the newly-erected Air Force Memorial in Northern Virginia.  Graceful and shiny… beautiful but kind of pointless.  The food here doesn’t seem like much to write home over.  We missed out on a tapas place last night, in favor of a Fusion joint.  The restaurant (K’s Kitchen or some such?) was loud and the food was passable, but not amazing. (and I was in the mood for amazing.)  

I was the youngest person at the table, and I miss my old co-workers.  If they were here, they’d be working just as hard and having twice as much fun.  

I can’t speak to the residents, though clearly there is a lot of poverty here.  There are loads of brick houses with no windows and no roofs.  (Am reminded of an article I saw on…  Allentown, was it?  Where they are embracing the shrinking population and just knocking down all the houses on blocks where no one lives and making green space instead.  Clearly, St. Louis is not following suit.)  At 0515 there were people walking the streets.  Perhaps on their way to work, but somehow their posture didn’t speak to a paid purpose.  It is a mid-west city, the people are thoroughly helpful.  I’m staying at the Omni Majestic, and our concierge is wicked helpful.  He drove us to the restaurant, then came back to see how we were doing, and that was before he came back to pick us up.  Offered me his hand upon exit from the car, which seemed unnecessary.  I took it, which was also unnecessary.  

But the downtown is small and kind of quaint.  There are lots of industrial spaces that are converting to lofts.  Good light, and the spring air is nice.  I hear it is humid as hell in the summer, and that winters are awful, but that spring and fall are lovely.  But then, aren’t spring and fall lovely most places?

I sort of want to go see the Clydesdale’s at the Busch headquarters.  (No, I can’t spell their full name and I’m not going to try, because I don’t feel like looking it up either.)  Driving through the beer factory (it crosses several streets and takes up blocks) was total de ja vu.  I’ve dreamed those buildings somewhere along the line.  I’ve heard tell that de ja vu means that you are in the right place doing what you are supposed to be doing, so I’ll take it as an omen.  

From what I’ve seen, it isn’t as industrial and sprawled as Kansas City, where the “nice” bits are spread along the outside edges with no attention paid to the heart of the city and the existing buildings there.  It’s ok.  It seems like it would be a decent place to write, and what more can you ask for than that?  

Shallow City Review: St. Louis

2 thoughts on “Shallow City Review: St. Louis

  1. billburge says:

    We have a small handful of amazing. It’s just not Kitchen K or any of the other thumpingly trendy places on Washington Avenue.



  2. I ate on the Hill tonight. Zoe or something like that? Again not impressive. The portions were outsized – like silly outsized – and the bread was profoundly average. The olive oil was good, but overall… I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there again.


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