Movie Review – Batman: The Dark Knight

Good, but…

Too long.  Storyline too muddled in the end, like they were trying to cram too much into the movie.

Visually stunning. Maggie G. was also visually stunning. 

And then Heath.  On one hand, he virtually disappeared into the role.  When Jack Nicholson played the Joker, it was still clearly Jack Nicholson.  If you had crawled out from under a rock and had no idea who was playing the roles, it wasn’t Heath Ledger up there on the screen, it was this other twisted thing.  So for that, a major plus. 

On the other hand, the character played a single note.  The Joker just created chaos, which was fine, but there was no satisfaction in finding out where those lines came together.  He offers two plausible explanations for his scar, but the ruse isn’t used three times, which would establish something of a pattern, and it isn’t used once, to suggest truth, it just sits there like a two-legged chair, essentially unstable.  Perhaps that was the intent, given the character’s inherent instability, but from this audience’s perspective, it was unsatisfying. 

Life often enough is completely devoid of reason or pattern.  We go to the movies – especially cartoon adaptations with a clear formula – because we want to make sense of evil.  We want to be able to trace the truth of the scary stuff so it is ordered and plausible, and so we can tell ourselves that we would never turn out like that, and these are the reasons. 

Yes, yay for the director circumventing the “easy” way out and not giving us a broken childhood to explain this dastardly creature he has created.  But… I was unsatisfied.  If that makes my movie palate pedestrian, so be it.

Movie Review – Batman: The Dark Knight

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