By the Saints

Back again in the Midwest.  I almost hope I don’t make too many more trips to St. Louis, because the place grows on me each time.  I’m in the Ballpark Hilton this time, in a high rise that affords a decent view of the city and is only a few blocks from the Arch.  I sat last night in my window, looking at the city and the low clouds that hung over the skyline.  It would be a good city for riding a bike.  There are massive homes for sale here for $10,000.  The neighborhood might not be pretty, but you could make a pretty house with eight bedrooms, and become the eccentric lady with 2 Bull Mastiffs, a hand-full of Doberman Pincers, and a Great Dane to round out the pack. 

And I desperately fear that eccentric dog lady may be in my future. 

In any case, I looked at jobs here and came up empty handed.  And there is always the fact that I can’t afford to sell my house right now.  In other words, I’ll fantasize quietly about moving to St. Louis and keep on living with killer traffic. 

Rumor has it, we are going shopping tonight.  I am a DSW fiend, no matter where I live.

By the Saints

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