1 Thing

You are amazing.  And not always in a good way. 

But also, consider this: you are a carnivore, a lion.  You eat once a week and consume so much you can lay in the sun for a good couple of days before you go stalking again, and when you stalk, you do so carefully.  You choose a weakened victim, you are lazy about it, and sure.  No need to hurry as a lion, not until the very last instant, and then you pounce.

I’m a herbivore.  A zebra, perhaps, or one of those awkward grazing things.  An elephant perhaps (I’m ok with their awkward grace, it comes with a killer memory for what is lost).  I need to eat all the time.  Not big meals, just a blade of grass here, some leaves there.  There is no need to hurry as an elephant either, you just have to keep the movement going towards your next meal. 

If you have any interest in sustaining me, you should consider developing some respect for the fact that I’m built with my own rhythm too.

1 Thing

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