Golden Gate Bridge: Love it.

Bernal Heights: Killer walk, love the view.

AM: What’s not to love, when she lets me “collaborate” on a little project?

25 lbs of Fabric: Well, 24.5, with the box, but who’s counting.  Yes, I’m in love.

SF Moroccan:  close, but no cigar.  Sorry. 

Marin County: Holy Shit.

Sausalito: Also Holy Shit.  

The Velvet Cantina: Again, in love.  Who knew cactus could taste so damn good.  And the Salsa…  why is it so hard for restaraunts to get the Salsa right?  VC does, and it is beautiful. 

SF overall: Still not that impressed – can’t you have a happy medium between the ironic lemming hipsters and the overprocessed lemming blonds? – but I can see it more today than I could the last time I was there. 

Also: no mullet lesbians this time.


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