what a girl wants

We want the best of both worlds – the old-school Republican tight-fisted financial conservatism and the Democrats commitment to freedom in our mental landscape.  That’s it. 


So in that spirit, here is my proposed platform for entropy 2012: 

1.    Deal with the deficit

2.    Address government inefficiencies for cost savings

3.    Get out of the way of small businesses

4.    Get legislation out of morality to the point of maintaining the social contract (killers, rapists, and burglars all go to jail, whether they are white collar or at amateur night)

5.    Legalize pot and tax the hell out of it

6.     Create a simple tax code, applied equally to everyone

7.     Institute a federal sales tax on luxury items – you don’t want to pay it?  Don’t buy crap you don’t need

8.     Get big business out of government – no more lobbyists, no more corporate donations

9.    Enable American independence – we might not need the option to stand alone, but it is a damn good idea to have the choice if it comes to that

10. Give up our 15 year R&D advantage for the military and let it slip to 10 years and reinvest that money in really taking care of those who fight at the behest of the American Government



(all subject to change, of course)


what a girl wants

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