From the Lou

I’m back from St. Louis.  I don’t know why I’m as fond as I am of St.L.  My initial impression of the Arch was that it was pointless – now I find it completely compelling. 

The food however, was underwhelming.  I did manage to drive by an ethiopian restaraunt en route to one of four asian restaraunt destinations, only one of which actually panned out.  The second had pork in EVERYTHING it offered.  The third wasn’t open at the exact moment I needed lunch.  The fourth offered average Pho, but it was open, it was available, and it was relatively cheap.  The first… well, the Garamond took me to some place that didn’t exist. 

And then I left.  The TSA lady was exceptionally nice to me.  The plane was hot and crowded, and my cabbie was very interesting.  He even gave me his card, which informs me he is a painter, a sculptor, a musician, AND a cabbie.  Busy man.

But home is home, and I desperately need to vacuum.

From the Lou

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