So Lost in Jersey (LiJ) is friends with a family, a member of which is a professional photographer.  Like a real pro, not just someone who works at the mall’s portrait studio.  LiJ used some of my photographs for a gift, and the photo pro saw them.  She said, and this is a second hand quote, that anyone with expensive equipment can take a good picture, but that I was doing alright for myself with what I had.  She said that I had a good eye and that I took pictures with “heart.” 

LiJ told me this a week ago, and my little heart is still purring over it like a satisfied cat. 

Now, I’m not saying it is my best photograph ever, but I am responsible for a portrait that is on the BBC.  So there, I may have a mundane job, but in my secret life as a superhero, I’m a pretty damn good photographer.


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