I never paid attention to how much stuff I want.  I was putting on a pair of kakhi’s this morning and noticed that I have worn them so much the hem is frayed.  First thought: I can stop by Old Navy on my way home and replace them.  Next thought: No, I can’t. 

I’m in the shower this morning and my hair is feeling kind of dry.  First thought: I’ll stop by Target and find some new product that promises to give me hair like Rapunzel.  Next thought: No, I won’t. 

I’m in my closet trying to decide what to wear.  I see a cardigan from Ann Taylor that I like.  I think: I should go see if they have any more like that.  Then I think: No, I shouldn’t.

And that’s just in the first half an hour of waking up after a night of shitty sleep.  Total dollars that I spent (in my head) before 7:00 in the morning?  Damn near $100.


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