Dr. Dr. Gimme the News

Lily, bless her foxy little snout, is not in danger of dying – at least not from chocolate overdose.  I went expecting the (young) Vet to be cute.  I’ve seen this vet before, and he is awfully cute in an awwshucks kind of way.  However, there were two things I was not expecting:

1) that the aforementioned Doctor would have taken it into his pretty little head that growing his hair out would be a good plan and that occasional (vice daily) washing of the lengthened hair is acceptable.  Um.  Nevermind.

2) that the Doctor’s assistant, who so politely introduced himself as Carlos, would be so damn easy on the eyes.  

Apparently, there are upsides to the dog eating fatal quantities of chocolate: one gets to admire the scenery.

Dr. Dr. Gimme the News

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