More for the Morgue

So… I was coming home tonight, and there was a car behind me. Not a car, a truck.  A big one, with lights that were making it hard to see.  Fine, whatever.  I observed the speed limit, turned on my signal when I got to my street to tell the agressive schmuck I was getting out of his way, and he turned into my street.  Ok.  He went one way in the parking lot, I went the other, so I assumed he was parking for one of my neighbors across the way and pulled into my parking spot.  He comes around the circle and stands behind me – in the car, not in the flesh.  

Black truck.  Big one.  Seemed like an Explorer with a bed instead of that third line of seats.  Except I wouldn’t swear by it.  It was shiny – a new one – but it might be a tundra or something like that. Rounded front, and shiny.  Seemed like it had two cabs.  Don’t know any more than that.  I stayed in my car, it pulled away and turned right out of my complex.  Was he looking at my plates?  Shady business deals in the ‘hood?  Noting what parking spot I was in?

Dunno.  Just in case anyone needs to know.

More for the Morgue

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