f vs t

Ok, so maybe I’m only a borderline retard.  Or a retard on some days but not others.  I test out as a close mix on the f and the t, so INTP/INFP…  Depends on the day. 

That makes me feel a little better.  I’m sure INFPs are total retards at something too (completely oblivious to surroundings?  yeah, that can be me) but I wasn’t so sure the total obliviousness to feeling was accurate.

But I could be wrong.

f vs t

2 thoughts on “f vs t

  1. mary says:

    Totally disagree with your comments on using the word retard. Whether you say it to someone who is “normal”, someone with special needs, or use the word retard as self deprecating, it’s just wrong. It’s dehumanizing. To me (and I’m just the mom of a child with special needs) it’s worse than the N word. At least if someone calls you a kike, or spic, or mick or some other slur you can defend yourself. People with cognitive issues are just vulnerable. They’re doing the best the can. Think of it this way. Special needs doesn’t only begin at birth. You can be in an accident and end up with a brain injury. There is an aide there wiping the drool from your chin and calling you a retard and there won’t be a thing you can do about it. You just sit there and feel bad, because you’re more than just a word, right?
    Something to think about.


  2. Point taken.

    Although, in my defense, the word “retard” only refers to someone who is developmentally challenged in slang. In some ways, I am quite legitimately developmentally challenged. A flame retardant is something that hinders the progress of flames. There are many ways in which my emotional progress could legitimately be said to have fallen behind as a result of whatever intellectual capacity I may have.

    Granted, I typed this all out with the slang in mind, but I stand by it with a differential nod to your sensitivities about the word. As I meant it is an accurate reflection of reality: there are many aspects of my emotional development that are slowed and/or hindered considerably. Just ask my ex-husband. He could tell you all about it.


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