relationship retard

Apparently INTPs tend to be relationship retards. 

Sadly, I can kind of see this in myself.  Below is a list of things that an INTP should do to be sucessful… 

I think I’m pretty socially appropriate.  So I hate ironing and will come to work with wrinkly pants, but I generally brush my hair, so that’s a good place to start.  (right?)   Numbers 4, 5, the bolded part in 6, 9 and 10 seem particularly relevant. 

Is it true that I assume that the people who are closest to me know the value I place on them?  Maybe I really do need to clarify that more. 

On the upside, I am easy to live with.  (damn it)

  1. Feed Your Strengths! Realize your gift at mastering logical problems and situations, and give yourself plenty of opportunities to exercise your abilities. Much of your sense of well-being will come from these experiences.
  2. Face Your Weaknesses! We all have weaknesses. Recognizing your weaknesses for what they are (without beating yourself up) will give you the power to change your life for the better.
  3. Talk About Your Thoughts. Discussing your ideas and perceptions with others will help you to develop your Extraverted INtuition, and thus your understanding of the world. How well you use your auxiliary function is very important to your overall health and happiness.
  4. Listen to Everything Try not to dismiss anything immediately. Let it soak in, and then apply judgement. Try not to dismiss things that are alogical – they are not illogical.
  5. Be Aware of Others Understand that everyone has their own lives and their own perspectives. Everyone has something to offer. Try to identify people’s personality type.
  6. Recognize Social Principles. Realize that our society functions around some basic social principles, and that our society would fail unless those principles are recognized and upheld. In a democracy, people vote. At a red stoplight, people stop. If people stopped voting because it wasn’t important them, who would be in power? If people stopped stopping at red stop lights because it didn’t fit into their plans, how could we drive safely? Your priorities and plans are important, but you must recognize that the external world’s agenda is also important. Don’t dismiss the importance of principles that don’t affect your life directly.
  7. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Understand that the only way to grow is to get outside of your comfort zone. If you’re uncomfortable with an idea or situation because you’re not sure how to act, that’s good! That’s an opportunity for growth.
  8. Identify and Express Your Feelings You may have a hard time understanding how you feel about someone. It’s important that you do figure this out. Don’t lead someone on with your ambivalence. If you determine that you value the person, tell them so every time you think of it. This is the best way to make them feel secure in your affections, and so to promote a long-lasting relationship.
  9. Be Accountable for Yourself Remember that no one has more control over your life than you have. Don’t be a victim.
  10. Assume the Best. Don’t distress yourself with fear and dark expectations. Remember that a positive attitude often creates positive situations.
relationship retard

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