Interviewing Firsts

1) Interview where 5 of the candidates are interviewed in the same room.  The theory?  Get all of the general questions answered at the same time, then interview them one-by-one.  

2) The interview ends as follows:

“So can I ask one more question?”

“Of course”

“Are people afraid of you when you first meet them?”

I look at the interviewer, bewildered.

“I mean, you are so calm, so self assured.  Manipulative, but in a professional way.  I can tell you get what you want, and I just want to know if people realize when they meet you that they should be intimidated, or if they figure it out after you’ve gotten around them.”

I laughed.  “My daddy always told me that the only boys that would ever ask me out were the ones that were too dumb to realize that they should be afraid.”

The interviewer laughed, and said “I don’t need to know any more.”

And so the interview ended.

Interviewing Firsts

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