Packing up the Silk

No, not that silk.  This silk:

DSCN0131Oddly, I can’t imagine a life where it would come in handy.  So I packed it all up.  Didn’t even try it on.  It seems so very far away from where I am and what is possible right now.  Maybe I’m just being silly, but some things are specific to a place and a time and you just can’t go back.  All the organizing books tell you that you ought to throw everything away that you haven’t used or worn in a year.  It’s been three for these particular items.  I didn’t give them to salvation army.  I folded them up with cedar and put them in the nostalgia box along with clothes that I wore as a two year old and a blanket that my grandmother made for me.  An odd juxtaposition, but what’s a girl to do?  You live the life you’ve got, not the one you wanted.

Packing up the Silk

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