I’ve been longishly so.

Yes, I know that made no grammatical sense.  I am rebelling against grammar because I’m trying to teach it to someone else, which makes me think I’m no good at this grammar stuff and therefore, I must rebel against it myself.  Yes, I also realize that makes no sense at all.

Thursday past, the house transferred from my hands into one Mr. R’s possession.  I hope it brings him better luck than it did me.  Today, I planted cucumbers, tomatoes, rosemary, dill, and hot red peppers in the roommate’s garden.  Tomorrow, perhaps, I will take pictures of the peas with their determined little vines wrapping themselves around  whatever’s handy.  I am a sucker for the taste of fresh peas.  Blame it on being born in Indiana.

And now, the only sensible thing to do is to go to bed.  ‘Tis clearly an exciting life.


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