I’m taking a class in web design.  Our professor started the day with a history on the internet.  Started in DoD to try and maintain fail-safe command and control, expanded, evolved, engineers, engineers, and more engineers.

So somewhere around octothorpe (hilarious, look it up) it occured to me: what if engineers restructured our government?  Certainly the design (or lack thereof) of the internet is brilliant for its efficiency and durability.  Small entities linked together equals big impact.  It goes back to the viral nature of Al Quaeda operations and what we could/should be learning from their example. 

So…  where are the engineers?  If you could build the US Federal Government from scratch, what would it look like?  And yes, feel free to dispense of the constraints of the political will, unionized workforce, and other forms of backlash.  I’m not an engineer, so I can’t answer this quesiton.


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